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2024 Candidate Kickoff for Zamorski and Basista

Join us for a Campaign Kickoff for Pattie Zamorski and Chris Basista for Manville Borough Council!

Date: Thursday, June 20th

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: Pizza and Pasta, 930 S. Main St, Manville

Purchase Tickets Here - https://tinyurl.com/ZamorskiBasistaKickoff

Let's come together to support Pattie and Chris as they run for Manville Borough Council!

Spread the word and invite your friends and neighbors.

See you there!


Stay Informed with Manville.Today!

Life is hectic! Between work, family, and home, it's tough to stay updated on local happenings. That's where Manville.Today steps in. We're your go-to source for all that's unfolding at Borough Hall, keeping tabs on the Mayor & Council's actions.

We're Your Eyes and Ears: We attend public meetings and we're not shy about questioning the powers that be.

Transparency Made Simple: We decode complex information into bite-sized, understandable pieces.

Digging Deeper with OPRA: Our commitment goes beyond meetings. We harness the Open Public Records Act to uncover more about various topics.

Community at Heart: We're deeply rooted in Manville, just like you.

Stay in the loop about what our Council & Mayor are up to in the town we love and call home. Check it out - www.manville.today

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Working Hard for Manville

The Manville Democrats are proud to serve our community. We are committed to hosting programs and events that benefit all residents and encourage others to join us in volunteering.
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