A Democrat-controlled Council Accomplishes More Than Republicans

When Manville was under Democrat control, Democrats were able to get major jobs done. They saw their ideas turn into reality, which in turn, improved Manville.

1. Adesa & Marketplace at Manville

Marketplace at Manville

Redeveloped the former contaminated asbestos-laden Johns-Manville Property into a mixed use piece of property with Adesa and the Marketplace at Manville.

2. Flood Recovery Efforts

Flood Recovery Efforts

We led a recovery of two major floods, Floyd and Irene, along with three others that affected the Valley and parts of the North and South side. We were able to secure over 150 buyouts for the residents effected by multiple floods. We were also able to adapt a plan to recover the lost ratables from the buyouts not to effect other residents.

3. Replaced Asbestos Buildings

Original Manville Municipal Building

We got rid of all our buildings that were made of asbestos, and replaced them with a new Police Station, Public Works Building, and took an old bank and converted it into a functional Municipal Building for less then a million dollars.

4. Creosote Cleanup

Creosote Cleanup

We were able to secure a $335 million grant for the cleanup of creosote in the Clairmont and Rustic Mall Property, which included 8 homes being bought out and the property cleaned.

We bought back those 8 lots for $25,000 per lot which was re-sold for a profit. This was done with the votes of only Democrats, with dissenting votes coming from the present Republican administration.

5. Millions of Dollars in Grants

We received millions of dollars in grants from the Federal, State and County for Redevelopment, Street and Sidewalk Improvements, and Property Tax Relief.

6. Main Street Facade Improvements

We received grants for facade improvement for Main Street properties from Somerset County. This grant was a 70-30 match, and a number of business owners took advantage of this program.

7. Main Street Beautification Program

Veterans Plaza - Welcome to Manville Sign

We received hundreds of thousands of dollars in a grant for a Main Street Beautification Program. This led to trees and the walking lights, on which we were able to place our Veterans Flags, along with Veterans Plaza, at the Gateway to Manville.

8. Republicans "Better Plan" = No Action

Manville's Vacant Rustic Mall

We negotiated a bi-partisan agreement for the re-development of the former Rustic Mall Property five years ago. This was voted down by the present Republican administration. Republicans said they had "a better plan," which obviously is an empty lot causing our taxes to increase over $2,500 in the last three years.