Manville Democratic Club Announces 2022 Candidates

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Manville Borough Council 2022 Candidates

By Chris B.
April 4, 2022

Manville Democratic Club Announces 2022 Candidates

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Manville -- The Manville Democratic Club is proud to announce Ashley Neuman and Jessica Nichols will be their candidates for the two open Borough Council seats in this year’s election. "We are excited to have Ashley and Jessica join an already incredible Democratic ticket this year. Both are knowledgeable, passionate, and focused on their community. We know the energy and skills they bring will serve Manville well" said Chairwoman Patricia Zamorski.

Ashley Neuman has been a resident of Manville since 2016. She loves the quiet and calm nature of Manville, and how close the town is to beautiful parks in the area. She grew up in East Hanover, NJ, and attended The Purnell School in Pottersville. After high school, Ashley attended Cosmetology School and spent 8 years as a hairstylist, most of it working in Downtown Somerville.

Ashley currently owns her own Social Media Management company, working with small businesses in the fields of photography, music, real estate, and non-profit organizations to optimize their online presence. She uses her own platform to bring attention to important matters such as human rights violations, worker’s rights, women’s rights, voting rights, environmental impacts, LGBTQ2S + issues, and racial injustice. Ashley has helped organize events such as a 2020 racial injustice rally in Princeton.

Ashley is hoping to use her passion for the goodness in humanity to lead with compassion & empathy to assist all residents of Manville in achieving great prosperity. After seeing how the people in the community need help, especially after devastating environmental impacts, she’s ready to take a stand and be the voice for so many in the community who may feel that theirs aren’t being heard.

Jessica Nichols has been a Manville resident for 16 years and has a child in the Manville Public Schools. She has become active in Manville over the past few years, as she meets more people through the schools and community.

Most recently, Jessica organized and oversaw the Manville Relief Center after Hurricane Ida devastated our town. She is Treasurer for the Roosevelt School PTA and serves on the Manville Board of Health. Jessica attended Montclair State University and received her B.A. in Elementary Education. After a short stint in teaching, Jessica transitioned into Sales within the cosmetics packaging manufacturing industry in New York City. Currently, Jessica works in Sales and Compliance in the toy industry.

Jessica enjoys finding solutions and putting things in action to make them work. Jessica always listens to the different sides of a story and values the various strengths that everyone brings to the table when working together.

All registered Democrats are encouraged to vote in the Primary on Tuesday June 7th. Visit our website to learn more about our candidates, the Manville Democrats and to get involved.